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Monday, 20 April 2015

The Verge summer movie guide: the biggest and buzziest films of the season

Solstice be damned: in the movie business, summer is nigh upon us. Theaters will become awash with equal parts over-the-top blockbuster action as well as family-friendly escapades — explosions and hugs, in other words, mapped to innumerable sequels and reboots. It's a place where all the trailers, teaser trailers, extended trailers, preview scenes, television spots, and pint-sized blips finally get to grow into real, honest-to-goodness audience pleasers.

So what exactly is there to watch in this post-Furious 7 world — a movie that upped the ante both in explosions and hugs? We've got a couple dozen suggestions that will be hitting theaters between now and the end of August.

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